Getting Started

Learn how to get started on the right foot with Campsite.

After signing up for Campsite, we've got a few things to do to get the perfect Campsite. Let's get rolling!

Adding Your First Link

Adding a link is the first step:

  1. Click the 'Add New Link +' button on your admin page
  2. Add a title to your link. This will appear as the link text
  3. Paste in your url
  4. Switch the toggle in the bottom left corner to enable your link
Adding a new link

Customizing your Campsite

The next thing to do is change the design of your Campsite and upload a profile photo.

  1. Head to the settings page
  2. Select the 'Change Profile Picture' button and upload/crop an image. The minimum size required is 300x300px
  3. Next, head down to the Appearance section to select a theme. You can use one of our beautiful preset themes, or customize your own Change theme
  4. Customizing your own theme will give you access to a number of different options for fonts, colors and much more Customize theme
  5. Add any of your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at the bottom of the page Adding social accounts

Adding your Campsite link to Instagram

Last on the list would be adding your Campsite link to any of the social media platforms you use. For this example, we'll use Instagram.

  1. Go to your Instagram profile
  2. Select the "Edit Profile" button
    Instagram profile screenshot
  3. Copy your Campsite link and enter it in the website field
    Instagram profile screenshot

That's it! Now you have the perfect Campsite. Make sure to check out Campsite Pro to up your bio link game!